State-of-the-Art: Research Theoretical Framework of Information Systems Implementation Research in the Health Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa

Godwin Kofi TETTEH


This study is about the state-of-the-art of reference theories and theoretical framework of information systems implementation research in the health industry in the Sub-Saharan countries from a process perspective. A process – variance framework, Poole et al, (2000), Markus & Robey, (1988) and Shaw & Jarvenpaa, (1997) is employed to examine reference theories employed in research conducted on information systems implementation in the health sector in the Sub-Saharan region and published between 2000 and 2013. Using a number of key words and searching on a number of databases, EBSCO, CSA, CINAHL, Science Direct and Emerald, we identified 41 published research articles that met our inclusion criteria. The articles were mapped unto the process-variance framework. A significant finding in this critical review is that, a large proportion of the studies were underpinned by variance or factor theories. While variance or factor models are useful and appropriate for the examination of static phenomenon, they are unsuitable for studying implementation, which is conceived as a dynamic and change phenomenon. There is therefore a need to increase research studies that employ the process theoretical framework to enhance our insight into successful information systems implementation in the region.


process theory; variance or factor theory; information systems implementation; health industry; Sub-Saharan countries.

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