What do nurse managers want computerized? Needs based assessment study of middle and functional level nurse managers at Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya.

L W Kivuti-Bitok


This cross sectional descriptive study was conducted among middle and functional level nurse managers at Kenyatta National hospital, Kenya. A purposive sample of 107 nurses’ managers was selected from every department in the hospital. Data was collected using a self administered questionnaire.

The study revealed that nurse managers had very positive attitudes towards use of computers in provision of health care. The attitudes of the nurse managers towards use of computers in nursing were not significantly influenced by accessibility to a computer, previous training in computer (p=0.05). However the length of practice as a nurse and the age of the respondents have negative influence on attitudes (p=0.05).

Majority of the nurse managers (85%, n=91) did not have computer studies as part of their training in basic nursing, fifty one percent ( n=55) had received training in computers after their basic training in nursing.

Majority of the nurses 98.1% (n=105) desired to be trained in computer applications. Most nurse managers (69.1%) on job training in computers.

The first five nursing activities and procedures identified in order of priority for computerization were; Billing patients(mean=4.74), Admission of patients(mean=4.61), Cost analysis and finding trends for budget purposes(mean=4.49, Procedure manuals/ instructions(4.43),Drug dosages calculations(4.40).

Study results could be used to plan for training of nurse managers as well as a basis for designing needs based computer software for nurses at the hospital.


Nursing Computerization; preparedness; nurse managers; nursing procedures and activities