Mobile Care (Moca) for Remote Diagnosis and Screening


  • Leo Anthony Celi
  • Luis Sarmenta
  • Jhonathan Rotberg
  • Alvin Marcelo
  • Gari Clifford


developing nations, health care, information and communication technology, mobile communication


Moca is a cell phone-facilitated clinical information system to improve diagnostic, screening and therapeutic capabilities in remote resource-poor settings. The software allows transmission of any medical file, whether a photo, x-ray, audio or video file, through a cell phone to (1) a central server for archiving and incorporation into an electronic medical record (to facilitate longitudinal care, quality control, and data mining), and (2) a remote specialist for real-time decision support (to leverage expertise). The open source software is designed as an end-to-end clinical information system that seamlessly connects health care workers to medical professionals. It is integrated with OpenMRS, an existing open source medical records system commonly used in developing countries.



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Celi, L. A., Sarmenta, L., Rotberg, J., Marcelo, A., & Clifford, G. (2009). Mobile Care (Moca) for Remote Diagnosis and Screening. Journal of Health Informatics in Developing Countries, 3(1). Retrieved from



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