NetAIDS: Digital Learning Environment for HIV/AIDS Education in Ugandan Schools


  • Joseph Kizito BADA
  • Jarkko SUHONEN


Behavioral change, Content Analysis, NetAIDS, Path analysis, Web-based learning Environment


In this research, we analyze the first design efforts taken to create a web-based learning environment, called NetAIDS, for use by Ugandan teenage school children and teachers. We present the features of the first implemented version of the environment followed by evaluation results of NetAIDS gained from the Ugandan high school students and teachers. The components of NetAIDS environment include online lessons for HIV/AIDS education, online discussion forums and games. We used questionnaires to evaluate NetAIDS. The results of the quantitative evaluations indicate that NetAIDS environment influences the learning process of the students which in turn influences the learning outcomes. More than 80% of the students were satisfied with their experiences of using the environment. The evaluation results provide concrete steps for the future development of the environment.



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BADA, J. K., & SUHONEN, J. (2011). NetAIDS: Digital Learning Environment for HIV/AIDS Education in Ugandan Schools. Journal of Health Informatics in Developing Countries, 5(2). Retrieved from



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